Baldeschi Extra Virgin Oil

Our passion for quality is the guarantee of our product.

Baldeschi extra virgin olive oil is produced in October and November with cultivar olives typical of the Lake Trasimeno and Umbria region: Frantoio, Moraiolo, Leccino and Dolce Agogia.


The olive groves are all in the territory of Tuoro sul Trasimeno around the village of Vernazzano.

The olives are harvested and processed in the mill within a few hours to guarantee a high quality product which remains our main goal.


Do not hesitate to ask questions or go to our company for a tasting, we are ready to satisfy your curiosity.

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The latest addition, Malù EVO oil
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A product with refined but decisive tones, created by combining a selection of oils from the Frantoio, Leccino and Borgiona varieties. 

Special label taken from a work by the painter Maria Luisa De Romans.

Our Monovarietal Oils

In Italy there are about 300 varieties of olive trees that give oil with different characteristics. This year we can offer you extra virgin olive oils from three varieties: Favolosa, Moraiolo and Dolce Agogia.


Favolosa is a variety born right here in Tuoro from the studies of Cnr and Prof. Fontanazza. Moraiolo, on the other hand, is widespread in central Italy and represents a classic variety of the Umbrian landscape. Finally, Dolce Agogia is the queen plant of Lake Trasimeno, present around our basin and in the Perugino area.

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Extra virgin made only with Dolce Agogia olives: it is the most typical cultivar of Lake Trasimeno (Umbria).

Lightly fruity with vegetal tones of artichoke and wild herbs. Sharp and distinct bitter and spicy taste.

Ideal with soups, legumes, vegetables and fish.



Extra virgin made only with olives of the Moraiolo variety: the dominant cultivar of central Italy.

Medium fruity with pronounced tones of artichoke and aromatic herbs. Pleasant and persistent bitter and spicy taste.

Ideal with soups, legumes, vegetables and roasts.



Extra virgin made only with Favolosa variety olives: an evolution of the Frantoio cultivar, one of the most widespread in Italy.

Medium fruity with lively vegetable tones, releases hints of green almond and cut grass. Bitter and spicy taste of good intensity and well balanced.

Ideal with vegetables, salads, caprese, white meat dishes, tartare.

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